Shattered glass interrupted the conversation.

The Victim: Paul Williams
The Crime: Criminal mischief
Date: Thursday, July 15
Time: 5 p.m.
Location: 1200 block of Melbourne

It was a nice evening, and Paul Williams and his wife were passing some time in their living room. The next thing he knew, something had shattered the window in his rear office.

“We had someone behind the house throw or sling a projectile into the house,” Williams says. “My wife and I were sitting having a conversation, and suddenly heard the sound of breaking glass. It’s happened a number of times, that’s the annoying thing.”

Luckily, no one has been injured, but repairs to windows have cost more than $1,000. Williams says he doesn’t believe the incidents are the results of any vindictive actions as he says he has never had an argument with anyone in his neighborhood. He also does not believe these have been the results of random gunshots because bullets, or bullet holes, have never been found.”

“We didn’t hear any sounds of gunshots,” he says. “The angle with which the projectile came, the trajectory didn’t look like a gunshot shot straight into the air.”

Beyond merely the safety of his family and his property, Williams is also concerned for children in the area. Henderson Elementary is right across the street from his home, and Williams is afraid a child might be struck by a random rock or projectile if the crime keeps occurring in his neighborhood.

Dallas Police Deputy Chief Rick Watson of the Southwest Patrol Division agrees that more than likely the damage was not the result of a gunshot aimed in the air due to the angle of the projectile entering the home.

“What goes up must come down,” he says. “It would usually hit the roof rather than the window.”

He believes the crime may have been committed by someone who has a perceived disagreement with Williams.

“There may be the possibility that there is a dispute of some kind from one of his neighbors. It doesn’t seem to be widespread.”


Block of West Illinois where Elizabeth Sanchez was arrested, accused of leaving her children, ages 2, 4 and 7, in the car while she shopped at about 7:50 p.m. Aug. 7


Minutes the children waited with the engine off and windows up


The outside temperature reported for that evening

Source: Dallas Police Department press release