Record-setting rainfall

After all that rain yesterday, the Trinity is only going to flood a little bit. (Thank you, Dallas’ Only Daily Newspaper, for that update.) So, of course, it’s safe to build a tollway on the levees, and the Army Corps of Engineers is just bunch of silly old grandmas.

I was going to link to the city’s webcam at the Margaret Hunt Hill bridge so we could see what a little bit of flooding looks like, but the camera has been down since Aug. 29. Budget cuts, maybe?

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  1. chas fitzgerald September 9, 2010 at 4:50 PM

    So flood level is 30 ft and the Trinity is at 44 ft as of this morning and rising. And what was the elevation of the proposed tollroad? Yeah right, building a tollroad within a floodway is a brilliant idea. Oh yeah, we forgot that we cannot engineer nature.

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