The Victim: Calvin Durrough
The Crime: Burglary
Thursday, Sept. 30
Time: 12:35 p.m.
Location: 1200 block of Westmoreland

The crooks leapt through the windows.

Calvin Durrough was driving home from work. He pulled into the alley, and drove toward his home. He noticed a car parked along the alley behind his house, and pulled into his driveway. The car seemed a bit out of place, and Durrough headed toward the vehicle to see if something was wrong.

“I walked toward it, and it took off like a bat out of hell,” he says.

Durrough then walked around his home and entered through the front door.

“When I came in, I heard a noise, and saw all my CDs on the floor and that they had stolen my surround sound receiver,” he says.

A neighbor saw the men exit through a window as Durrough entered, and quickly dialed 911. As Durrough made his way to the alley, a police car was already cruising up to the house. Durrough says police spoke with him for 20 minutes, and other officers and a police helicopter searched for the suspects throughout the area.

“They called me about 30 minutes later, and said they caught them a few streets over,” he says. “It all really worked out well. I got all my stuff back the next day.”

Police told Durrough that the suspects were also believed to be responsible for another attempted break-in in the area on the same day.

This was the first burglary Durrough has experienced, but he was pleased with the police response.

“We’ve lived here 10 years, and everything’s always been good.”

Dallas Police Cmdr. Vernon Hale of the Southwest Patrol Division says a good description by neighbors was key in catching those responsible for this crime. Neighbors watching out for other neighbors is extremely helpful to police, he says.

“Two suspects were arrested and filed on for this burglary,” Hale says. “Officers arrested the suspects after they were given suspect vehicle information by a witness.”

For those who might find themselves in a similar situation where burglars might be in the home, Hale says it is important not to enter the home and to dial 911.