Here’s another $5 lunch. El Pollo Regio has a $3.99 lunch special that includes two pieces of grilled chicken (leg and thigh), Mexican rice, pinto beans and corn tortillas. A fountain drink is $1.62, so with that, my total was over $6.

We’ve reviewed El Pollo Regio before, but we ordered the wrong thing before. The grilled chicken here is excellent. It’s juicy and flavorful, and the best Mexican-style grilled chicken I’ve tasted. The beans are really good too. And the salsa molcajete is delicious.

The special comes with a mess of grilled onions, which were good, but they were too many. Next time, I’ll ask them to nix them from my order.

Now, this chicken is grilled over an open flame, but I’m pretty sure it’s not especially healthy, and I don’t want to give that impression. It’s marinated and cooked with the skin on, so it’s probably pretty fatty — I couldn’t find any nutrition information online.

But it’s a good, hearty lunch for under $5.