I thought it was just a donut shop. A cool donut shop. Franchisees turned the former San Luis tire shop on West Davis into a Southern Maid Donuts, which opened recently.

And we found last week, it’s more than just a donut shop. It’s open until 3 p.m., and besides donuts, Southern Maid serves a menu of breakfast and lunch items including omelets, burgers and salads starting at $4.99.

The priciest menu item is T-bone steak and eggs, served with three eggs and three buttermilk pancakes for $11.99. You can also order chicken fried steak the same way for $7.99. That’s the big boys’ breakfast, I guess.

We ordered a glazed donut (55 cents) and a small jalapeño sausage roll (90 cents). The donut was fine. And the sausage roll would’ve been OK, but it was cold. A hot cup of Community Coffee is 99 cents and served with Schepps half and half.

This shop has a drive-through window, which indicates that it was approved before West Davis was rezoned last year — drive-throughs are not allowed under the new zoning.  But I’m glad it’s there if only for the 99-cent coffee.