Helping the Whole

The Hewitt & Habgood Realty Group, in conjunction with Dave-Perry Miller Intown, presented a $10,000 matching grant check to The Kessler School to support the school’s scholarship fund. The Kessler is a private school in Kessler Park, serving pre-k through fifth-grade students with an emphasis on educating the whole child. Pictured from left: Kathy Hewitt and TKS Director Gayla Dobbins, Steve Habgood and TKS Board member Mindy Hail.

Laptop Learning

Sunset High School senior Javier Perez, pictured with his mother Ana Maria Hernandez, accepted a laptop for college from the Sunset Alumni Association. The laptop was given to Perez for his outstanding diligence and ranking in the top 10 percent of his class.

In the Navy

Sunset High School senior Michelle Espinoza received an $180,000 scholarship from the United States Navy, ensuring that she would never have pay for higher education.