This month, donate to the Oak Cliff YMCA …

And show Miami who is boss (again). Dallas is competing against Miami in more than just basketball. The Dallas-area YMCA branches are competing against Miami YMCA branches to see who can raise the most money. If you donate to the Y, it’s like voting for the Mavericks, and the donation goes toward summer programs at the Y. Donate online at

… Or adopt an animal at the Dallas Zoo

And get all the benefits of parenthood with none of the work. Donate $25-$2,000 to the zoo and get an adoption certificate with a photo of your animal and a zookeeper’s report with information about the animal. Adopters also are invited to an annual party at the zoo. For $25, adopt a bluebird or a poison dart frog. For $2,000 adopt an African lion or a lowland gorilla. There are also animals to adopt in the range of $50-$1,500. For more information, email or call 469.554.7449


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