Recycle magazines

Don’t you hate it when you get to the doctor’s office, and there’s nothing to read? It’s a lot of wasted time staring at the bad décor and hoping you don’t pick up a bug from some coughing child. One Kessler Plaza neighbor had the idea to recycle magazines by bringing them to Methodist hospital to use in their waiting rooms. “I contacted the hospital and found out it was a definite need to replenish magazines in the waiting rooms because they disappear daily,” says Stacey Hilburn. So she and her neighbors decided to collect their old magazines, and Hilburn delivers them to the hospital about once every month or two. “My neighborhood has been very responsive, and we’ve collected over 100 magazines,” she says. “It’s just a little contribution, but most magazines go in the recycle bin anyway, and this way they can continue to be useful and recycled at the same time.” To donate magazines, call Hilburn at 214.331.4414.

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