Early on Saturday mornings, cyclists emerge, all spandexed up with their road bikes for 50-mile treks. Others pile mountain bikes into their truck beds for a morning of dirty work at the Oak Cliff Nature Preserve.

But there is another breed of rider in Oak Cliff. The cute girl. The socializer. The casual pedaler. And now, Saturday morning has a place for them, too.

The Oak Cliff Leisure Riders organized two weeks ago, when it was rainy and cool for once, and about four people showed up to ride. This past Saturday, there were about six. The group hopes to keep growing, and they welcome any kind of bike, adults and children. They meet at 8:15 a.m. Saturdays at Southern Maid Donuts on West Davis.

Advocate photographer Nikki Cotten rode along with the leisure riders Saturday, and she brought us these pictures.

Photos by Nikki Cotten