Check in online

And help to provide doctor visits for people who cannot afford them. Check in to by typing in a healthy habit, such as, “Drank water instead of soda at lunch” or “Walked to school.” No personal information is required to check in, not even an email address. And for every healthy-habit check-in, Clorox will donate 10 cents to the Children’s Health Fund. The Dallas Children’s Health Fund provides medical services to underprivileged children. The group serves nonprofits, including Oak Cliff-based Promise House. Users who register on the site using their email addresses earn 20-cent donations for every check-in.

Or use a fork

at Lockhart Smokehouse. Sure, Hill Country barbecue is supposed to be eaten with bare hands. But if you don’t want to dirty your dainty Dallas digits, order a plastic fork for $1 at Lockhart, where the slogan is “No forks! No sauce! No kidding!” They donate the fork money to the Kessler School, which is raising money for a new fire system.

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