Yahoo donated a laptop to every classroom at Lida Hooe Elementary School in Oak Cliff.

Yahoo surprised teachers at Lida Hooe Elementary School this week. They thought the school had won 200 blank books for students’ writing projects.

Teacher Kimberly Muñoz had requested them on And she got them, along with $52,000 in technology for the school.

Yahoo bought storytelling kits, consisting of a laptop, a flip cam, a flash drive and video editing software, for every classroom in the school. The school also received seven green screens, “to make their poetry and literature come to life,” says principal Yvonne Rojas.

The gifts will help teachers encourage literacy through storytelling.

“Our teachers work really hard, from pre-k through fifth grade, to make sure writing and literacy are important parts of the curriculum” Rojas says. “And this will help bring their stories to life. Our theme this year is ‘Bringing Education to Life.’ ”

Besides those gifts, four teachers who had registered on got everything on their wishlists.

The school participates in Yahoo’s Homepages for Homerooms program.