True crime: Criminal mischief

At least it was only shattered glass this time.

The Victim: Shannon Ramirez
The Crime: Criminal mischief
Date: Sunday, Jan. 15
Time: 6:58 p.m.
Location: 2300 block of Gladstone

Shannon Ramirez had been through this before, but at least the crime was on a bit smaller scale this time. As she sat in her home, her evening was disturbed by shattered glass. Someone had thrown a water bottle through her window and glass littered her floor.

“It was shocking,” she says. “I was like, ‘What the hell?’ ”

Along with her sister and mother, Ramirez went outside and saw several young people fleeing down the street. Police arrived, but had no luck finding the culprits.

While the shattered window is quite an expensive hassle to have repaired, Ramirez has been through much worse.

Four years ago, a car slammed so hard into her brother’s car parked in the front of the home that it ran the car into her home, causing exterior damage. Ramirez was asleep at the time, but woke up quickly. The suspects appeared to be on drugs and were arrested after at first trying to run away. She tries to look on the bright side after that experience.

“At least it was only a bottle this time,” she says.

Dallas Police Lt. Gil Garza of the Southwest Patrol Division says responding officers searched the area, but did not find the suspects.

“As far as vandalism — there are some instances in the area, but much of it revolves around other offenses like burglaries where the suspect attempted to gain entry, damaging the property, but failed to get inside,” he says. “As far as what occurred in this particular offense, there have not been many offenses reported of this type.”

Residents who witness such crimes are asked to get as thorough a description of the suspects as possible including size, dress, race and other identifying aspects.

Crime numbers


The blood alcohol level of a drunken driver who caused a fiery crash Feb. 7 on West Kiest; Cynthia Brady, 60, was four and a half times the legal limit when she exited from Interstate 35 and hit the vehicle of Francisco Ramirez, who sustained second-degree burns on 14 percent of his body.


Block of West Seventh where an assault occurred Feb. 1 after a driver slammed on his brakes to avoid a small white dog in the road; he got out of the car to check on the dog when its owner approached and punched the driver in the lip, saying “You better watch yourself!”


Number of ceramic plates thrown and shattered during a physical altercation between two parties Feb. 5 at El Tacaso restaurant at Westmoreland and Fort Worth Avenue

Source: Dallas Police Department

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