Photo illustration by Can Türkyilmaz and Julianne Fowler

Ever since the legendary Voodoo Donuts of Portland, Ore., mushed a crisp slice of bacon into the thick maple frosting of a warm donut, bacon donuts have been part of food culture. And why didn’t we think of this sooner? It is a tad shameful the McGriddle was invented so many years before the bacon donut became a thing. In a half-serious effort to determine whose deliciousness reigns supreme, we pitted the donut against bacon, in a virtual battle of dough and pork.

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Lone Star Donuts vs Smoke

Donut: Lone Star Donuts is an Oak Cliff institution, but it doesn’t back away from a trend. At this little throwback donut factory on Beckley, you can order a bacon donut. 1727 N. Beckley, 214.946.2185

Bacon: Smoke put Oak Cliff on the map, in a way. Smoke and chef Tim Byres are media darlings. Food critics love them, and it’s in no small part due to the thick-cut pork belly bacon, lovingly smoked and cured onsite. 901 Fort Worth Ave, 214.393.4141


Southern Maid vs Norma’s

Donut: The owners of Southern Maid renovated a former tire shop and transformed it into a retro diner. Not only did they improve their Kings Highway corner, they also brought hot donuts to the ’hood. Oh, and they also have bacon. 937 W. Davis, 214.941.4046

Bacon: Norma’s is an old-school diner known for its mile-high meringue pies and serving hundreds of free meals on Thanksgiving. The meat-lovers omelet comes with bacon, ham, sausage and cheddar cheese. 1123 West Davis, 214.946.4711


Oddfellows vs Dude Sweet Chocolate

Donut: Among its many drool-worthy offerings, Oddfellows serves those big beignets that get powdered sugar everywhere, like in New Orleans. Hooray for fancy donuts! 316 W. Seventh, 214.944.5958

Bacon: Two words: bacon chocolate. 408 W. Eighth, 214.943.5943,

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Vera’s vs Matador

Donut: Vera’s doesn’t sell donuts, exactly, but they do have probably the best churros in the Western Hemisphere. And that’s fried dough, so we’re counting it. 932 W. Davis, 214.943.2167

Bacon: The alluringly named Matador Meat & Wine has signed on as a tenant at the planned Sylvan | Thirty development. The family-owned company cures and smokes its own bacon.


Oak Cliff Donuts vs Oak Cliff Pizza

Donut: Oak Cliff Donuts has been turning out hot donuts for several decades. It’s an old-school donut shop with cheap coffee and melt-in-your-mouth, sugary fried dough. 2402 S. Hampton, 214.330.8583

Bacon: This pizza shop is under new ownership, but the menu is much the same, including the extreme Hawaiian pizza. That’s pineapple, Canadian bacon (whatever) and bacon. 1315 W. Davis, 214.941.8080