The Victim: Norma Alejandro
The Crime: Burglary
Date: Friday June 15
Time: 9:20 p.m.
Location: 2600 block of Wilbur


Crime ruined their vacation.

Norma Alejandro and her family loaded up the car and finished their drive down Interstate 35 for a nice few days of vacation in San Antonio. Maybe they would cruise the Riverwalk, eat some Tex-Mex at the famous Mi Tierra, or visit the Alamo. Their stay would be a nice relaxing getaway.

Then the phone rang.

“An hour after arriving, our neighbor called and said someone broke into our house,” says Alejandro. “We didn’t even get to enjoy our vacation. We had to come home the next day.”

The burglar pried open a window in the dining room and then made off with items ranging from jewelry and cologne to a child’s piggy bank and electronics. Apparently, the crook also had a taste for tobacco and alcohol and made off with 20 cigars and some wine. The break-in was not only a large monetary loss for the family, but also quite a downer on what should have been a fun weekend.

Sgt. Kay Hughbanks of the Southwest Patrol Division says burglars definitely watch homes for behavioral patterns of residents before committing crimes, including the times residents leave for work and come home.

“They make note of what cars belong at a house and when all cars are gone and how long,” she says. “They watch mailboxes and whether or not the newspapers pile up in the front yard.”

When residents leave for vacation it is always a good idea to have their mail held while they are gone, stop their newspaper delivery, use timers on lighting, and have someone check in on their house.



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Value of the items stolen during a burglary at Ramon’s Barber Shop in the 300 block of West Jefferson, including a shaver, clippers and an LCD TV


Date when a home in the 400 block of South Brighton was burglarized while a juvenile resident was her bedroom watching TV, unaware of the crime


Block of Illinois where a suspect opened fire on members of a car club who were gathered around, showing off their cars; one member was shot in the shoulder blade and taken to the hospital.

Source: Dallas Police Department