I’m not often left speechless, but Jim Schutze at the Observer did exactly that to me today. He wrote, in regard to my August East Dallas magazine column: “[S]ome of us who have lived in funky East Dallas long enough might not mind a little bit of a makeover. Did you ever think of that?”

And then he proceeds to skewer the proposal to rename Garland Road to Arboretum Boulevard with a rapier so sharp that I’ll bet they felt it all the way downtown, as well as at Lincoln Property, where someone came up with the notion (instead of an idea, since a notion only needs to be half-baked). Dare I use the term Menckian-like wit?

The best part about Jim’s effort is that he takes the Arboretum silliness one step further, and suggests renaming other streets in the same vein. How does Arboretum Way Drive at the Villages of Rocher Blanc sound? For, as Jim notes, that’s how they do it in Frisco.