Two weird animal stories came out this week, and the unrelated incidents both happened in the vicinity of Interstate-35 and Saner.

In one case, Dallas Animal Services went to a home, where they’d had a call about some puppies, and they found a black pug with a slashed abdomen, covered in axle grease.

In the other, neighborhood resident Mario Carbajal reported a burglary at his home around 6 a.m. Sunday. The thief stole about $500 in tools and killed Carbajal’s rooster.

Carbajal told police that someone had left him a note threatening the rooster: “If you don’t quiet your dog and chickens, I’m going to do it for you.”

It is illegal to keep roosters in Dallas, thanks to an ordinance passed in 1999 at the urging of former Oak Cliff City Council member Laura Miller.