The Victim: Michael O’Mara

The Crime: Criminal mischief

Date: Tuesday, Aug. 14

Time: 10:09 a.m.

Location: 1300 block of Barlow

They Kicked in the Door and Ran

Michael O’Mara had been thinking about making some changes to his home’s entrance. He never planned to do it this way, however.

While he was away from his home on Aug. 14, witnesses saw two men kick in his front door, splintering wood that littered the interior of his home and causing the home’s alarm and siren to go crazy. Security cameras also captured the two men as they briefly entered the home and then fled. Police were there within four minutes, O’Mara says, which was comforting, yet the crime was still frustrating.

“I got robbed last year. I think these were the same guys,” he says. “Last time they cleaned me out. This time they didn’t get anything.”

From the video, O’Mara estimates that the crooks were in his home only seven seconds, and credits his security system for causing them to flee and saving the day. Despite the nuisance of having to replace the front door, O’Mara tries to stay positive about the splintery situation.

“I was thinking of replacing the door anyway — they just beat me to it.”

Lt. Barbara L. Hobbs of the Southwest Patrol Division says alarms can be an effective tool to help deter criminals from a residence or business, as in this case. Audible alarms draw attention to a location and help to increase the possibility of witnesses to an offense or additional people calling 911 to report the incident.

“Surveillance video from good quality cameras can also assist law enforcement with identification of suspects or suspect vehicles. It can also be a valuable tool during the prosecution of suspects that are identified and apprehended,” she says. “The criminal element prefers to remain anonymous while committing crimes. Alarms and quality video surveillance removes that anonymity and may decrease the possibility of crimes occurring.”


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Source: Dallas Police Department