schoolsuppliesKings Highway resident Val Haskell volunteers with Reading Partners, a nonprofit that entered the Dallas market in 2011. Reading Partners empowers community members to tutor students in their communities.

Haskell tutors at Roger Q. Mills Elementary School in East Oak Cliff.

“She struck up a conversation with the principal and asked what else the school needed,” says Haskell’s partner, Jenni Stolarski.

“Supplies,” was principal Gigi Crowder’s answer.

By January, most of the school’s students have used up all their school supplies, and teachers often spend their own money to help their students with supplies through May.

Haskell asked several of her friends and colleagues to chip in, and earlier this week, they delivered. They raised enough to give each of the 500 students a box of crayons and a box of pencils, plus tissue, hand sanitizer, dry-erase markers, construction paper, folders and notebooks.

Haskell says the school has a great principal who is working to improve the school’s academics. Learn more about how to volunteer with Reading Partners here.