logoThe “restaurant incubator” at Trinity Groves is about to take flight with LTO, a restaurant that will change chefs and concepts about every three months.

Restaurateur Casie Caldwell, who founded Greenz Salads (and graduated from Duncanville High School around the same time I did), created LTO, which stands for “limited-time offer.”

Caldwell is seeking applications from chefs and interior designers now. Applications must be submitted by Feb. 27, and a screening committee will choose finalists. Much like a TV talent contest, the public will get to vote, starting March 25, via social media and kitchenlto.com, on who will design the restaurant and be the chef every quarter.

The first version of LTO is expected to open as early as May.

Phil Romano, who came up with the the idea for a restaurant incubator at Trinity Groves, calls LTO the “incubator within the incubator.” Mark Brezinski has described the overall concept as the “restaurant American Idol” because it’s a chance for unknowns to suddenly hit the big time (or fall flat, presumably) on a high-profile stage.

“I designed (LTO) for food lovers like myself who are always exploring new trends and searching for the next best culinary adventure,” Caldwell says. “I can’t think of a better way to do that while fostering the great culinary talent available on a local, regional and national level.”