The Zoli's "grandma slice," via Facebook

The Zoli’s “grandma slice,” via Facebook

I’m online stalking Zoli’s so hard that I sort of want to kidnap it and wear its crusts as jewelry. They make it real easy, too. There are the Instagram photos. There are Facebook posts about how hipsters need not apply. And now. Now there is a live web cam in the kitchen. We can watch these non-hipsters making crazy good-looking pies we can’t have yet LIVE on the INTERNET!

Relief is coming soon, though, pizza-craving Cliffsters.

The new restaurant, from Jay Jerrier of Il Cane Rosso, could open for dinner at soon as Tuesday, Aug. 6.

Jerrier writes: “The plan right now is 8/6 for dinner. We have all permits. Just waiting on a few more install items.”