Kyndal Robertson and Camika Spencer: Kim Ritzenthaler

“Black at the Assassination” is a new play, by Oak Cliff-based playwrights, about the JFK assassination from the perspective of people of color. It is the first play in TeCo Theatrical Productions’ new season, opening Oct. 17 at the Bishop Arts Theater Center.

The show runs through Oct. 27, and tickets cost $10. Check out our story about the play’s authors, Kyndal Robertson and Camika Spencer, in the October Advocate.

TeCo’s owner, Teresa Coleman Wash, encouraged the two writers and performers, who are cousins, to write the play after they won the theater company’s new play competition last spring.

“It’s a big historical moment in our city, and we had no idea what our community was doing,” Spencer told us.

She and Robertson researched the play by combing through the Warren Commission Report, reading the self-published biography of Elite News founder Bill Blair and interviewing friends, family and acquaintances.

The theater company’s new season also includes the annual production of Langston Hughes’ “Black Nativity” in December, the new-play competition in February and March, and Shakespeare’s “As You Like It” in April.