View of Cox Farms from Sylvan Avenue

Our newest grocery store Cox Farms was scheduled to open today, but that’s no longer the case as evidenced by the ongoing construction around the Sylvan Thirty anchor tenant.

Owner Mark Cox says he is waiting for work along Sylvan to be finished or close to it. Right now, the building has only one entrance on Fort Worth Avenue.

“There needs to be multiple access,” Cox says. “We’re just waiting for Sylvan to be completed or at least 90 percent completed.”

Anyone who’s tried to drive or bike down Sylvan just east of Fort Worth Avenue along the Sylvan Thirty development knows what a nightmare that is right now.

Cox declined to give another opening date but he’s been told the work along Sylvan should be done in “a few weeks.” We’re calling for updates this week on that, as well as a progress report on the whole Sylvan Thirty project.

It might be hard to tell from road, but parking is squared away for Cox Farms with 70 spaces, which is “more than enough,” Cox says.

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