photo by Elliott Munoz

photo by Elliott Munoz

If you’re lucky enough to have an amazing Mexican cook in your family or a tamalada tradition, can I come over? The rest of us have to find our holiday (or every day) tamales in restaurants, markets and back alleys.

Here is a quick rundown of the most legit retail tamales we can think of in Oak Cliff.

Dallas Tortilla and Tamale Factory. Obviously, it’s right there in the name. Elvira and Ruben Leal started their tortilla factory in Little Mexico after World War II. Now located on Marsalis at East Eighth, the factory offers pork, beef, chicken, pork/jalapeno and beef/jalapeno tamales for $10.50 a dozen.

El Rio Grande Latin Market. This grocery store on West Jefferson has a cafeteria, where you can order very good pork, chicken, cheese/jalapeno and other tamales as a plate or by the dozen.

The Tamale Co. Find packaged tamales from this company with Oak Cliff roots at Cox Farms, Ann’s Health Food and several other retailers.

DiDi’s Tamale Diner. This place originated in Garland and moved to Trinity Groves in November. They offer nine varieties, which can be ordered by the dozen for $16 and $18.

MexSnax. This Tex-Mex food manufacturer on Fort Worth Avenue just opened a retail shop couple of weeks ago, and their tamales come recommended from Gay Revi, the Granny Geek. Pork or chicken tamales cost $9 a dozen, and a tub of red or green salsa costs $1.

Tienda Santa Rosa. This Salvadoran grocery and cafe has two Oak Cliff locations. They make excellent pupusas, and they offer the most delicious Salvadoran tamales during the holidays.

We can’t list every restaurant and market that sells tamales in Oak Cliff, but please tell us: What did we miss? Who has the best tamales in Oak Cliff?