Photo by Kristen Massad


As we ring in the New Year, many of us look for a new start, whether it’s de-cluttering the house or adopting a healthier lifestyle. You can achieve both by cleaning out your pantry and swapping processed junk for whole foods. Here are five ingredients to kick-start a year of clean eating.

1. Almond flour If you are taking a break from grains or just want a replacement every now and then, almond flour is the perfect substitute for traditional flour. It adds good nutrients and a mild nut flavor to your recipe.

2. Whole almonds If almond flour is good for you, so is its source. Keep the pantry stocked with whole, unsalted almonds for a variety of protein-packed recipes.

3. Coconut oil Coconut oil replaces any high-heat cooking oil and has many health benefits. This oil is one of the most versatile and can be used in baking as a dairy-free butter replacement.

4. Coconut flour Used in small amounts but full of fiber, protein and healthy fat, coconut flour is a perfect substitute for wheat flours.

5. Coconut milk Creamy and full of flavor, coconut milk can be added to smoothies, soups and sauces. It also can replace milk or cream in baking. This ingredient is one of the best to have in your pantry.

6. Coconut sugar A simple and easy baking substitute, coconut sugar looks more like brown sugar but can replace all sugar for baking. It adds an earthy flavor boost to any dessert that you want to lighten up.