Oak Clips: Photo by James Coreas

Oak Clips: Photo by James Coreas

Mari Mendoza says she treats her clients like one of the family. Especially, she says, her pet clients.

Mendoza, who is from Oak Cliff and still lives here, opened Oak Clips in 2011. She had worked as a dog groomer for about three years prior to that, and she had her own ideas. She wanted to be able to take her time with the animals. So she opened her own place with two partners.

“Every animal is different,” she says. “Some you can do quickly. Some are older or they have health problems and they require a lot more time and effort.”

Oak Clips also sells pet food, and they’re accommodating. If there’s a specific type of pet food that you want, Mendoza will order it and keep it in stock for you.

They also sell dog houses, beds and collars and accessories for dogs and cats. A craftsman in Oak Cliff, Strut Products, makes some of the dog houses and leather collars by hand. Mendoza also is working with an Oak Cliff seamstress on a line of dog clothing.

Oak Clips has done so well that Mendoza recently opened a second location on Lower Greenville.

“Dogs are family members,” she says. “So we try to treat them just like I would treat my dog.”

Runner up: Green Pet
3rd place: Bishop Arts Dog Grooming