The City of Dallas first began planning a makeover of sidewalks on West Davis about three years ago.

That was after City Councilman Scott Griggs discovered $979,000 in TIF funds that had been slated for neighborhood improvements.

Since a series of public meetings in 2013, we reported twice — once in 2014 and once last year — that the project to make West Davis more walkable could begin within the year. But the overhaul has been delayed while the city negotiated with Dallas County for more funding.

Now it looks like the county will pitch in $700,000 to the project, which includes creating continuous sidewalks between Beckley and Montclair. The city and county currently are finalizing the agreement, says Haytham Hassan of the city’s engineering and construction department.

Once the agreement is done, the city can put the project up for bids. And if that happens, construction could begin this summer. For real this time.