Photo courtesy of Alicia Quintans

Photo courtesy of Alicia Quintans

The developers of a CVS store want to tear down five houses and three commercial buildings on East Illinois at South Beckley.

City Council will hear public comments on the proposal during its weekly meeting Wednesday. The property owners are seeking a zoning change from single-family to community retail.

The developers have volunteered to accept deed restrictions for the privilege of building a high-traffic business adjacent to homes on Seevers.

The proposed deed restrictions are:

  • No vehicular access on Seevers.
  • An 8-foot solid fence must be erected along the Seevers frontage.
  • 5-foot evergreen shrubs must be planted along the fence.
  • Lights cannot be more than 15 feet high within 50 feet of Seevers.
  • The business must not operate between midnight and 5 a.m., and the drive-though must close by 10 p.m.

The City Plan Commission has recommended approval of the zoning change with deed restrictions, and City staff has recommended denial.

None of the buildings slated for demolition under the proposed development, homes on Seevers and commercial buildings on South Beckley, are protected from the wrecking ball, but some of them are interesting.