Photo of Joseph Beaty via Myspace

Photo of Joseph Beaty via Myspace

Police used DNA testing to connect a 41-year-old Kimball High School graduate to a series of rapes over seven years.

Joseph Beaty is accused of targeting vulnerable women, including prostitutes and drug addicts.

The Dallas Police Department could’ve connected Beaty, a convicted felon, to four rapes in 2009, but the department failed to test rape kits for DNA. The police department told the Dallas Morning News that the kits weren’t tested because they didn’t have the “money or manpower” to test them unless victims were willing to testify.

The kits weren’t tested until 2015, and in the meantime, at least three more women — one in Arlington in 2013 and two in Dallas in 2014 — were raped. In the 2014 cases, DNA wasn’t obtained, but the women say they knew their attacker and named Beaty. After the latest accusations, DNA testing in the Arlington rape indicated Beaty, Police say. And later, the 2009 kits finally were tested, also indicating Beaty, according to police.

Beaty was convicted of aggravated robbery of a woman and assault of a man and went to prison in 1996. Since his release in 2003, he worked in a substance-abuse rehab center, Phoenix House in Wilmer, and he worked in a halfway house for drug addicts, B&W House.