Photo by Danny Fulgencio

This angular metal sculpture is a centerpiece of  Barry Gream’s backyard, but it once had 15 minutes of fame in a Hollywood blockbuster.

Gream is a furniture dealer whose house on Gladiolus Lane is featured in the March Advocate.

The sculpture was among the pieces Gream brought to a trade show in Los Angeles about 10 years ago when a guy asked to rent it for a film.

Gream told the man he didn’t usually rent things out, but he took his card anyway. Another dealer later approached Gream exclaiming, “Do you know who that was?!”

He turned to be one of the producers on the 2008 film “Ironman.” Gream called him back.

The sculpture plays a role as a focal point in the living room of Tony Stark’s Malibu mansion. Here’s an image from one of its big scenes.