Photo of Stephen Tobolowsky by Jim Britt

Photo of Stephen Tobolowsky by Jim Britt

Stephen Tobolowsky, the Oak Cliff-raised movie actor, went on KERA’s “Think” Tuesday to talk about his new book “My Adventures with God.”

Tobolowsky and his family members probably were the only jews in Oak Cliff at the time, and he wasn’t raised with much religion. But spirituality came on later in life, and he believes that all the most important lessons in life can be found in the Old Testament.

In the book, he tells short stories about his own life that all are related to the lessons in ancient texts.

On “Think,” he told one story about growing up in Oak Cliff in the 1950s and ’60s, which he says, had more Nazis than jews, “And I mean real Nazis,” he says.

“When I was on our sixth grade basketball team … one of the moms invited us over for pimento cheese sandwiches and Pepsi cola,” he says.

Inside their house, they had a bust of Adolf Hitler and German flags.

“They had The Stormtrooper magazine laid out like it was Highlights magazine at the pediatrician’s office,” he says.

“My Adventures with God” is Tobolowsky’s second book after “The Dangerous Animals Club.”

Listen to his whole interview on “Think.”