Practice the lost art of letter-writing at the Wild Detectives

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Who remembers thumbing through their address book trying to decide which friend or relative to send a letter?

We don’t have to write letters any more, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t.

The Wild Detectives and Address Me Dallas remind us how to “be immortal” by writing letters during a workshop from 10:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. Saturday.

They’ll provide the stationery, pens and stamps ($1 suggested donation), plus tips on letter writing. Participants can bring an address and craft a letter to a loved one.

The event also will feature a curated selection of letters from the Dallas Library, including correspondence between playwright Tennessee Williams and Dallas theater director Margo Jones as well as a letter to Oak Cliff artist Frank Reaugh from his lawyer.

Sean Petrie, a poet with Texas Typewriter Rodeo, also will make an appearance.

From event organizer Amy Walton:

Letter writing shouldn’t be a dying art. Expressive writing has been linked to stress reduction and an overall sense of well-being. Virginia Woolf called it “the humane art, which owes its origins to the love of friends” and Emily Dickinson likened it to immortality.

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