Yes, El Corazon’s last day is Sunday

John Cuellar
John Cuellar. Photo by Danny Fulgencio

El Corazon de Tejas, the beloved Tex-Mex restaurant now surrounded by new development on West Davis at Zang, is closing.

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Sunday will be its last day of operation as its owners, the Cuellar family, are selling the building.

Rumors started last weekend that the restaurant was closing as waiters and bartenders began telling their customers the unfortunate news Sunday night. Those workers have said that some longterm employees have been offered jobs at Cuellar’s Fajita Ranch north of Dallas.

We broke the news a couple of weeks ago that redevelopment plans were underway for the building, which was constructed in 1940 and now sits on one of the most valuable and underutilized corners in Dallas commercial real estate.

After our story published, restaurant owner John Cuellar told the Dallas Morning News that “About 75 percent or more of the information circulating is misinformation.”

Cuellar hasn’t spoken to us, but he confirmed for Culture Map today that the restaurant is closing, and the building is being sold.

The restaurant’s owners pulled a demolition permit for the building last month, which means it could be torn down any time.

Cuellar hasn’t said to whom he is selling the building. But the City Plan Commission recently approved a CVS developer’s request to create one 4.5-acre tract from parcels that include the restaurant building and the nearby retail strip.

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  • I was already boycotting Walgreen’s for tearing down the building on McKinney that once was a church and then beautifully restored by the Hard Rock Cafe. Now CVS is on my list of places where I will never shop. I’m not happy with the owners of El Corazon either (just like I’m mad at the Hard Rock Cafe too) and hope they have brought a world of bad karma on themselves!

  • There’s a Walgreens up the street on Colorado. Really why would they shut down a restaurant for a cvs!!
    Doesn’t make sense at all with all the new apts being built they need eating places more than a cvs!!!!

  • This makes me truly sad, almost angry, that one of my favorite family restaurants will be replaced with (yet another) drug store. I could compromise my emotions for something worthy, but a CVS?! It’s like replacing platinum with aluminum.

  • The name El Corazon is ironic as they lost their heart when they let the old people go that used to work at Tejanos.

  • What’s it take for the City Planning Commission to finally say another CVS? Nope, got plenty of those on every other corner in Dallas?

  • This is horrible. The places and people that made the area special and eclectic are getting bulldozed one development at a time.

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