Cooking dinner at home the easy way

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Meal-kit delivery services began disrupting the grocery store industry a few years ago, carving out a $1.5-billion niche in the $800-billion United States grocery business in 2016.

Consumers like the simplicity of having a recipe and all the necessary ingredients packaged up and delivered to them along with the experience of a home-cooked meal.

Even Amazon is getting into the meal-kit game, following its acquisition of Whole Foods Market.

But there’s only one meal-kit delivery service that is Oak Cliff owned.

Sam and Amy Roberts, who live in our neighborhood, started Field to Meal in 2014.

Their service, which is based out of a warehouse in the Design District, focuses on local and organic produce.

The Robertses initially were inspired by Amy’s aunt’s farm in Waxahachie, where they often lent a hand.

“Our main goal is just getting fresh food from farmers around here,” Amy says. “Farmers work really hard, and I don’t think people always understand what goes into producing their food.”

All of Field to Meal’s produce comes from farms in the North Texas area, and they buy as much organic as possible.

Amy comes up with most of the recipes. A recent favorite was Asian chicken cakes served over a salad of sunflower shoots from We Over Me Farm at Paul Quinn College.

The meals are healthy, and vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options are available.

There are times when local farms offer less variety, Amy says. In the planting season between summer and fall, for example, a lot of dishes incorporate tomatoes because they were abundant. When butternut squash is in season, it’s tempting to put them into everything, she says. But she’s constantly coming up with creative new ways to showcase the best of North Texas produce.

“I have a bit of a flair for what the farmers have in season and combine it into a nutritious meal plan each week,” she says.

Field to Meal’s pricing depends on how many servings and how many deliveries per week. Five meals per week to serve four people costs $135.

Meal-kit delivery
Ambiance: Your own kitchen
Price range: $35-$205 per week
b Delivery is every Wednesday
Did you know?: Field to Meal also delivers grocery essentials such as milk and eggs.