Photo by Rasy Ran

Oak Cliff has a new City Plan Commission representative in Chad West, the attorney behind Dash for the Beads 5k, who replaces Mike Anglin on the commission.

West’s first order of business is a memo to request rezoning for the Elmwood commercial district. Neighbors and commercial property owners requested the move out of concern that the neighborhood could become desirable for future development.

“The goal, as I understand it so far, is to bring an economic vibrancy to the area while still keeping the old buildings that are there,” West says. “There’s concern that once this area is discovered, those might go away.”

Rezoning the area will take lots of time and town-hall meetings, he says.

After the failures of the 7-year-old Bishop/Davis zoning, which is being reopened to fix some of its problems, this is one to keep an eye on.

The area to be rezoned comprises about 14 acres including parts of Edgefield, Balboa and Newport.