Heritage Oak Cliff honors neighbors for historic preservation

From left to right: Lybo Buchanan, Alicia Quintans, Michael Amonett, Barbara Barbee and Ellie Hajek

Heritage Oak Cliff awarded its Ruth Chenoweth preservation award to two neighbors who “have worked tirelessly in recent years to help identify and protect historic buildings in Oak Cliff.”

Michael Amonett, former Heritage Oak Cliff president who serves on the Dallas Landmark Commission, and architect Alicia Quintans won the award.

Amonett and Quintans are known to bird-dog developers whose plans would impact our neighborhood’s old buildings. They research properties for the nonprofit’s “architecture at-risk list,” and they often sound the alarm when historic properties are in danger of demolition.

A new prize, the “neighborhood champion award,” was given to park board member Barbara Barbee who works “to build stronger, healthier, safer, more inclusive and beautiful neighborhoods.”

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  1. GeneP54 December 15, 2017 at 1:35 AM

    Did they say anything about the historic monuments being moved and/or destroyed? I really don’t know. Did they?

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