Episode 12: What’s the difference between a good school and a bad school? Are those perceptions based on reality or do those perceptions become reality? Felix G. Botello Elementary in the Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas receives high marks from pretty much every school rating system that exists. But among families in Wynnewood North, who were rezoned to the school a few years ago, Botello isn’t well known and few families send their kids there. Becca Leonard, who is the parent liaison in the Wynnewood North neighborhood association is looking to reverse this trend. Many parents follow their neighbor’s lead on school choices, so when it seems as though none of their neighbors are opting in the neighborhood school, that’s reason enough to forego it. But what if several neighbors decided to join together and give it a try? That’s what Becca is hoping will happen and she has skin in the game. She wants to educate not only her neighbors, but also herself, about Botello.


Podcast credits: Keri Mitchell, produced by Advocate Magazines

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