A man who confessed to a 1992 shooting that killed a man and paralyzed his nephew received a 30-year sentence for murder this week.

Joseph Buckaloo, 44, already was serving a 99-year sentence for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon when he gave a confession to Dallas police detectives in the 26-year-old cold case.

Buckaloo admitted to shooting 19-year-old Juan Lopez and 11-year-old Jose “Pepe” Villegas in May 1992. He fired into their car in the 2500 block of Western Park Drive, striking both with one bullet. Lopez was killed. Villegas, now 37, has lived in a vegetative state since.

The victims’ family members confronted Buckaloo in court after he pleaded guilty and was sentenced.

Buckaloo is serving three 99-year sentences at the same time for shooting into the home of his estranged wife in 2010.