The Dallas Police Department says a group of men has been robbing people in their driveways in Oak Cliff and Old East Dallas.

The men target people getting out of their cars. There have been at least five armed robberies in the past week.

In four of them, the men approached at gunpoint and forced the victims into their homes.

Police think the same men are responsible for robberies in the 4300 block of Cabell Drive, the 2700 block of Maryland Avenue, the 700 block of Nolte Drive, the 900 block of Evergreen Hills Road, the 5900 block of Llano Avenue, the 1000 block of S. Pearl Expressway, 5200 East Side Avenue, and 700 Comal Street.

The robbers are believed to be about 17-20 years old and have been driving a black four-door Cadillac and a gold pickup.