Why not donate to neighborhood schools for the holidays? Donors Choose allows teachers to raise money for their classrooms, and the campaigns are searchable by zip code. Find one that speaks to you and make dreams come true. Here are four picks:

Sunset High School counselor Sandra Soto raises money every year so that students going off to college can have the comforts of home. Her “Deck the Dorm Out!” campaign, to fund the basic necessities of dorm life, has about $800 to go.

Greiner Middle School volleyball coach Etta Edwards wants washers and dryers so that clean uniforms are one less thing Greiner student athletes have to worry about. Coach Edwards’ campaign, “Wash Me! Wash Me! Wash Me!” still needs about $350. “We hold them accountable for their grades as well as making it to practice and games,” Edwards states. Relieving them of responsibility for team laundry takes some of the pressure off.

Arturo Salazar Elementary teacher Marie Sepulveda started the school year off with a new drone club, where students in third through fifth grades can learn to safely use, fly and care for drones. “This experience will give the students a step up in the global competitiveness that is coming with the worldwide use of drones,” Sepulveda states. She says it gives them a skill used for jobs in delivery, the film industry, disaster management and the military. They want five mini drones and a couple of chairs. “Flying to the Future: Drones” has about $300 to go.

Music students at Clinton P. Russell Elementary need headphones so they can more effectively learn the piano and other instruments. Music teacher Francis Zalace still needs $244 to purchase 25 sets of Behringer HPM 1000 headphones.