Police responded swiftly to viral video of drivers doing spin-out stunts and setting off fireworks at an Oak Cliff intersection last week.

City Councilman Chad West reports that the Dallas Police Department installed a sky tower in the CVS parking lot, with a live feed that allows police officers to observe the intersection in real time.

DPD’s 28-person speed task force patrolled Hampton/Davis as well as the 1700 block of Chalk Hill Road on Dec. 20 and issued 82 citations. They also had four vehicles towed.

The following day, police found another street-racing takeover that was planned on social media at the Sylvan Avenue bridge and at Hampton/Davis.

That resulted in:

—53 tickets issued,
—nine vehicles towed
—and six people arrested (one for reckless driving, one for obstructing the highway, one on a felony warrant and three on city warrants).