Photography by Danny Fulgencio.

In 86 years as a scouting troop, this must be a record. Scouts BSA Troop 5, which meets at Kessler Park United Methodist Church, has six kids seeking the rank of Eagle Scout this year. We met all of them during a den meeting in the little cabin behind the church, which holds decades of scout memories. Troop 5 recently added an associated girls’ troop, and there are a few in that group who are beginning to plan their own Eagle Scout projects as well, scout master Laura Walsh says.

Photo credit: Danny Fulgencio

Jack Schultz, 17

Bishop Dunne Catholic School, 11th grade

Parents: Ashley and Chris Schultz

His project: Design, build and install a bat house, a birdhouse and a picnic table at Twelve Hills Nature Preserve.

How it’s funded: Schultz cooked and served lasagna and salad for two $8-a-plate Wednesday night dinners at KPUMC, which is the church he attends, raising about $400.

Why this project: “I grew up in a house right behind Twelve Hills. It was special to me because I would go there once or twice a week. I’m a nature-lover, so I wanted to do something for the animals and the ecosystem.”

What else he does: Works on cars with his dad, rides a skateboard, plays soccer and baseball.

Photo credit: Danny Fulgencio

William Duvall, 17

Hillcrest High School, 11th grade

Parent: Taylor Duvall

His project: Design, build and install an informational sign about what to do in a severe weather event for the children’s education area at the Dallas Arboretum. He surveyed his troop and classmates asking whether they know what to do when they hear storm sirens; the majority didn’t.

Why this project: “I attended Weather Con at the Frontiers of Flight Museum, and I heard Pete Delkus complain that the weather sirens in Dallas go off for reasons other than severe weather. It confuses people. That gave me the idea. And then the [Oct. 20] tornado hit my community really hard. It hit home that this is an important service for the community.” 

Career path: He has always been infatuated with the weather. He decided to become a meteorologist when he was in eighth grade, after a friend’s mom noticed his deep understanding of weather systems and said, “You should be a meteorologist.”

What else he does: International Baccalaureate, United to Lead.

Photo credit: Danny Fulgencio

Alex Travell, 17

Booker T. Washington High School, 12th grade

Parents: Kevin Travell and Shelly Seibert-Travell

His project: Taught a weekly “art party” for kids via Make-A-Wish Foundation. Travell, a visual artist, is turning the children’s art pieces into two greater works that will be auctioned at The Wish Ball, the charity’s annual black-tie gala. He hopes each one could fund a child’s wish, which typically costs about $8,000 each.

What else he does: Student council president, rock climbing, photography, graphic design.

After graduation: He was already accepted to his first-choice school, the University of Colorado at Boulder, but plans to take a “gap year” to pursue a street-wear clothing line with a fellow Booker T. graduate.

Photo credit: Danny Fulgencio

Ethan Heatly, 18

Bishop Dunne Catholic School, 12th grade

Parents: Gene and Rhonda Heatly

His project: Renovated and assembled a library for the Kessler School, building bookshelves and supplying books. The self-funded project is valued at a couple thousand dollars.

Why this project? “It was local, and it’s a school that I went to. I wanted to give something back. I’m just glad to have helped serve my community.”

Favorite day of scouting: “The Caddo Lake canoe trip. You paddle all day and eat lunch in the canoe.”

What else he does: Theater, campus ministry, archery team, taught himself to play piano.

Photo credit: Danny Fulgencio

Joey Ubrecht, 17

Dallas International School, 11th grade

Parents: Barbara and Ed Ubrecht

His project: Renovating a student lounge at his school, building platforms, tables and benches with fellow Scouts. Ubrecht and volunteer classmates also will add power strips, ambient lighting and couches.

Estimated value of labor and supplies: $3,500.

How it’s funded: Soliciting donations through his school and fundraisers such as selling snacks at school.

Why this project: “Our school’s been growing a ton, and we just don’t have the space for everyone to work in that area. It’s not accommodating. We’re trying to make it fit the needs of the modern student.”

What else he does: International Baccalaureate, swimming.

Photo credit: Danny Fulgencio

Eddie Ubrecht, 17 

Dallas International School, 11th grade

Parents: Barbara and Ed Ubrecht

His project: Building a 200-square-foot pergola on the patio of Texas Discovery Gardens at Fair Park.

Why this project? “I always went there for the butterfly garden, and I  wanted to do something for them. I’ve never really built anything before, and I thought this would be a good opportunity to try building something.”

What else he does: International Baccalaureate, soccer, basketball, plays drums in a band.

Why he loves scouting: “It gave me a place where I don’t have to worry about anything else. On a campout, there’s no technology. All you have to do is hang out with your friends in nature.”

Yes, they’re twins: Eddie and Joey Ubrecht’s dad, Ed, is also an Eagle Scout.