The class of 2020 is a historic one, with graduations online, faces under protective masks and the fall semester uncertain. We asked a few prominent Oak Cliffers to look back at their senior portraits and give themselves advice for the future.

Jeffrey Liles, creative director

Jeffrey Liles is the Kessler Theater’s creative director, and he had his own music career with Decadent Dub Team and Cottonmouth Texas. He’s been part of the Texas music scene for over 30 years. He graduated from Richardson High School in 1981.

Advice for his 18-year-old self:

“Listen, your grades are terrible, and you’ve obviously never read any of the books on the wall behind you. That tweed suit and tie get up ain’t workin’. Know your limitations. Please discover this new thing called punk rock and let’s get you into a torn-up Ramones T-shirt and a new pair of $200 black leather pants from Judy’s in Valley View Mall.”