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True crime: Smashed window, stolen stereo

Recently, after a late night of studies, Gerardo Perez became a victim of a crime — accompanied by an expensive repair bill that definitely would be costly for a young student.

A look back at Austin’s Barbecue

During the 1950s through early 2000s, Austin’s reigned as the destination of choice for thousands of Oak Cliff diners.

Adult literacy volunteer Sandy McFeeley

Almost half of all adults in the Dallas area cannot read at a fourth-grade level. This Wynnewood resident and L.I.F.T. volunteer is taking on the problem.

Lucia’s comfort food

“I wanted to have a neighborhood Italian restaurant,” says chef and owner David Uygur. “Everything is made in-house. Most places don’t do that.”

Is it time to demand more civility in our daily lives?

It would be nice to solely blame our politicians for this behavior, but when you look around, there are still plenty of regular folk who show, by their actions, that their time and their opinions are more valuable and important than anyone else’s.

Major companies are looking at Dallas

Will national retailers bring new locations to our neighborhood? What’s keeping them away? Can local businesses meet the challenge?