Launch: Q&A: Francois Chandou

For 28 years, FRANÇOIS CHANDOU and his wife, Anne, have called Kessler Park home. The oenologist, whose family has a…

Launch: Ruben Leal

It’s not a good time to be a corn-dependent company. In 1986, Dallas Tortilla and Tamale Factory president Ruben Leal…

Launch: Overheard in Oak Cliff

Missing the mercantileDespite having recently gotten settled in their new location, it appears that we’re losing Oak Cliff Mercantile for…


Nothing about the pink restaurant with blue awning makes it stand out from the auto repair shops and taquerias that pepper this section of Clarendon. What could set it apart from the rest, though, is the heart and soul of owners Samuel and Carolina Garcia, and the fact that this place specializes in Argentinean fare. For the most part, that means adding eggs, usually sunny side up. “Argentineans, they use eggs on everything – the sandwich, the empanadas, the milanesa,”


Anyone who cares about cheap wine and who wishes wine scores would go away needs to read Robin Goldstein’s book, “The Wine Trials”

True Crime #9

     David Lucas admits that he is a light sleeper.     After waking up on a recent Sunday at 5:45 a.m….

Ask A Cop

As an introduction to this monthly column, can you give us a basic overview of the Southwest Patrol Division?

Opening Remarks

It all started a few months ago when one of my sons, unprompted, decided to venture into fashion commentary.“Hey, your…