Where Were You?

Patricia Richards had no idea she was creating a tradition. The longtime photography teacher was leading a class at El…


Gloria Rubio and Jose Fuentes introduced much of Dallas to Salvadoran food in 1987 when they opened their first restaurant, in Oak Cliff. As Gloria’s expanded to Oak Lawn, Greenville Avenue and Addison, many Dallas diners for the first time tried handmade Salvadoran tamales and pupusas stuffed with spicy pork.

What About Wine

Wine writers always agonize over Thanksgiving, which I’ve never understood. They get so hung up on food pairings that they miss the point of the holiday, which is that we’re darn lucky to be able to do this.

True Crime #13

The intruder gripped her throat and told her to stop screaming. Michele Cox took out the trash and went back…

Opening Remarks

It has been years since I officially left, driving down the long gravel road that led away from where I…