A popsicle party brings to mind a handful of moms getting to know one another while their kids play in the backyard. Or, maybe a few friends turning a hot afternoon into an enjoyable, cooler one. The Rosemont Early Childhood PTA’s Popsicle Party is all of those things, but it’s also much more. The annual event is the Kickoff Party for RECPTA, and offers an entrance into an organization with membership of over 200 North Oak Cliff families.


The only requirement for joining RECPTA, aside from being a resident, is having a child under the age of 6. Oh, and don’t let the name “PTA” fool you; RECPTA doesn’t vote on curriculum or educational issues. Their mission is to connect families with young children who want to maintain a sense of community in North Oak Cliff. They’ve also been here for over 75 years. Participants boast membership benefits such as invaluable friendships and weekend getaways, not to mention early introductions of kids with potential lifelong friends. Not only is this group good for the soul, RECPTA parents say, but it also provides Parent’s Night Out, free meals to new parents, email network lists, book clubs, playgroups and volunteer opportunities. And throughout all these activities, RECPTA manages to raise funds for the Art Enrichment programs at Rosemont Elementary School.

For some grateful parents in the area, RECPTA has transformed a dense area within a metropolitan city into a small town.

This year’s annual Popsicle Party membership drive will offer popsicles, bounce houses and a waterslide. It will be held on Aug. 10, 4 p.m.-7 p.m. at Kessler Park United Methodist Park, 1215 Turner Ave.  For more information, visit www.recpta.org. For membership information, contact Laura Pulis, Membership VP, pullishome@sbcglobal.net.