Sason has recently experienced an amazing transformation. Gone is the counter where customers would order. Gone is the basic seating and informal atmosphere. In its place comes a trendy, chic locale that rivals the fancier eateries of Bishop Arts.

As impressive as Sason’s elegant atmosphere is, the food proves even more appealing. Each dish finds artful presentation, including basic quesadillas, which come with an eye-pleasing drizzle of Mexican sour cream and a colorful dollop of guacamole arising from the center of the plate.

The entrées’ exquisite presentation is rivaled only by the intriguing combination of familiar south-of-the-border flavors. Inspired by all regions of Mexico, the food mixes the best each region has to offer.

The Ceviche Golfo de Mexico proves unique: the shrimp and scallop flavor blend delicately with the thin wrap of jicama. The Arrachera Sason features Sterling skirt steak — an excellent, richly-flavored cut of beef — sitting atop grilled cactus and Oaxaca cheese. The Enmoladas Poblanas, which are chicken enchiladas smothered with poblano mole, arrive with an astute touch of sesame seeds sprinkled on top. La Especialidad de la Casa, which provides enough food for two adults, comprises an out-of-this-world barbacoa and carnitas platter (slow-roasted lamb and pork respectively) accompanied by homemade tortillas and divine salsas in red and guacamole-based green. Of the desserts on the Sason menu, the Bunelos de Pueblo, a spiral of richly flavored pastry soaked in a cinnamon-sugar sauce and topped with butter pecan ice cream, is divine.

An experienced mixologist presides over Sason’s full bar. Creations such as licuado de mango and tamarind margaritas are sure to delight. And, the bartender extracts fresh tamarind juice by hand for the margaritas.

Rest assured that although prices have gone up, they are well worth it: Appetizers / soups / salads/ desserts range from $5 to $14 while entrees start at $13 and go up to $25. But there are also daily lunch specials, almost all of which are under $10.

Given the fact that Sason is open late, expect hip urbanites to find plenty of reason to linger after a sumptuous dinner. Sason was a great burrito bar, but it’s an even better full-service restaurant.

Come back to Sason. Try it again. This place has verve.

Sason: Sabor Autentico
2716 West Davis Ave. Dallas, TX 75211