There’s lots of talk in the hood about changes that are coming and how it might impact Oak Cliff. With all the speculation we thought we’d check with a few folks around the neighborhood and get their predictions for the new year. We can neither confirm nor deny the validity of any of the predictions, so draw your own conclusions and make your own predictions! Email your prediction to and we’ll publish our favorites on the CliffDweller website.

2007 is the year for Oak Cliff. We will finally see the new residential and retail that we have been asking for and we will see the first major developments on Ft. Worth Avenue.
Ed Oakley, Mayoral Candidate and current District 3 Councilmember

North Oak Cliff will get five new construction residential projects started or completed in 2007. In the next five years, the face of North Oak Cliff will change considerably with substantial new retail, residential and commercial projects coming to market.
Steve Habgood,
Realtor, Keller Williams

George Bush’s approval ratings may dip into the single digits in 2007.
Michael Amonett,
Owner, Alchemy Salon

We will actually see visible signs of the coming boom… the Calatrava bridges will be started and the start of the construction of new residential housing replacing old apartments. On the political front… I’m putting my money on Ed Oakley as mayor. Matt Holley,
Developer, Kessler Woods

My predictions for 2007 include a giant economic injection into Oak Cliff, neighborhoods will flourish and leadership will surface from those least expected. Good things come to those who wait…great things come to those who have waited forever. In addition, I think there will be one more major hurricane, hybrid cars will dominate the market, Dish Network gets more HDTV channels, oil prices will go up and we will remain at war in the world. All I wish for is a more peaceful place; in the immortal words of Seinfeld, “War, what is it for?”
Joseph Hernandez,
Candidate for District 3 City Council

My rent will increase in 2007, as will the amount I spend on a night out in the Bishop Arts District. Free street parking (as opposed to valet) will also be harder to find in the B.A.D., but pedestrians and cyclists will still be out of luck if they want to safely cross the Trinity River on weekdays. The Belmont Hotel will finally have a restaurant and spa, and much-needed new watering holes (er, I mean, restaurants with club memberships) will open in the former Starfish and Loretta’s locations. Oak Cliff will remain dry. Dallas’ next mayor can’t win the May election without the support of CliffDwellers. Xeriscaping will be more popular and necessary, despite resistance from historic districts and homeowner associations. Unfortunately, Oak Cliff will remain the unleashed dog capital of the city.
Cathrine Cuellar,
Board President, La Reunion

Oak Cliff residents will continue to be the beneficiaries of nationally-recognized health care provided at Methodist Dallas Medical Center, and access will be easier than ever thanks to a $49 million investment in our community. A new four-story medical office building and three-level parking garage will open in June 2007, and the outpatient entrance will be relocated to the first floor of Pavilion II, for drive-up ease, by November 2007.

More Oak Cliff residents will learn that Starbucks Coffee is available in the Methodist Dallas City View Café in the main lobby — right next to the free health library and Senior Access Center.
Kathleen Beathard,
Vice President, Methodist Hospital

I predict that new developers will make commitments to Oak Cliff in 2007 that will confirm what insiders already know…the days of us being the best kept secret in Dallas are coming to an end…sshh…don’t tell!
Lena Liles,
General Manager, Belmont Hotel

Tillman’s Roadhouse, the reincarnation of Tillman’s Corner, will be declared “Best New Restaurant” in Dallas by whichever publication makes those kinds of declarations.

A future mayor of Dallas will be born in Oak Cliff to two undocumented immigrants from El Salvador.
David Spence,
Developer, Good Space

The new year promises to bring exciting changes to our city and our community. As the leadership of our community transitions, I predict that we will sustain the positive momentum currently alive in Oak Cliff.  I think you will see this community work together to help our businesses, our schools and each other thrive.”
Melissa Huffman,
Incoming Chair of the Oak Cliff Chamber of Commerce

In 2007, I predict that with the right leadership, Oak Cliff neighborhoods and businesses will form a stronger partnership to bring an improved quality of life consisting of knowing your “cop on the beat,” and more rooftops and retail.
Dave Neumann,
Possible District 3 City Council Candidate

I predict that a national pet supply chain and Half Price Books will find Oak Cliff a receptive retail market. I predict that there will be increased economic development on Jefferson Boulevard, including the grand reopening of the Texas Theatre. This will be one of the best years for Oak Cliff.
Dr. Elba Garcia,
Deputy Mayor Pro Tem and District 1 Councilmember

Happy New Year!