Let me begin by thanking you for such an animated response to our February Real Estate Development issue. We received many thoughtful letters about the future of Oak Cliff, and we hope you will enjoy reading selections of them in Cliff Notes.In response to several requests, we continue the conversation in this issue with an eye on conservation.


In Focus this month presents two views from CliffDwelling Preservationists. As you will see, their dedication to our neighborhood is impressive and deserves our thanks. Consider their ideas and let us know what you think.


In further investigation of area development, we also highlight some past and present Oak Cliff businesses. Darlene Jett of Bishop’s Refuge Day Spa and Salazar Peña of Peña’s Mexican Grill represent recent additions to our community. But we also speak with some local business people whose ventures didn’t make it. At a time when as many shops and restaurants are closing as opening, we investigate what it really takes to be successful in the Cliff.


And although June seems far away, it’s already time to start signing the kiddos up for summer camp. Use our CliffDweller Activity Guide to help choose the best options for your family. Don’t let the best camps fill up without you!


The changes that may be coming to our area are clearly not here yet. That both gives us time to decide how we want to participate in upcoming development as well as a second chance to consider what we already have. Supporting local business is the first place to start. How can we complain about paltry shopping options when existing locations struggle to survive? Let’s not lose sight of what drew each of us here as we look ahead to the possible transformation of this area. What an exciting time to live south of the Trinity River.


See you round the Cliff.