Election season is heating up, and the Mayor’s race is not the only ticket in town. With Ed Oakley’s hat in the big ring this year, his City Council seat is up for grabs. And you may be surprised at how many people want to sit in his chair.

In CliffDweller’s inaugural political issue, we spotlight the City Council candidates who want to influence the future of the Cliff. With the next few years looking to be crucial in our development, CliffDwellers will want to pay special attention to Ed Oakley’s replacement.

Also in this issue, we highlight new Chamber of Commerce president Bob Stimson. His continued commitment to our little hood spans many years. Check out his new priorities for the area.

Chances are, you’re as frustrated as we are at the recent closing of Albertson’s grocery store. We’ve taken a little time this month to investigate other Oak Cliff shopping options, from (the many) remaining super markets to an entirely organic alternative.

Finally, we bring you good eats. The new Kavala restaurant and the updated Tillman’s Roadhouse make dinner decisions more difficult than ever. . . it’s about time, we say.

And let us take this opportunity to thank Mr. Oakley for his dedicated service to our community. Our hats off to you, sir.

And y’all, be sure to vote on May 12.

See you round the Cliff.